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Jeffrey Williams, Founder & CEO

IMPACT Community Initiative (ICI) was established to address gaps-in-services and unmet needs of youth and adults that have been impacted by the juvenile justice and adult criminal justice systems.  ICI is designed to work in and with communities to change the lives of individuals by giving them hope to make positive choices that result in reducing crime in our communities.  Through the programs, services and community events that ICI provides, the intent and focus is on Public Safety. The impetus is an effort to change the thinking from negative to positive "together" which strengthens the community.  We know that poverty is one of the leading causes of community violence; therefore, ICI will use its platform to spotlight EDUCATION as education is one of the ways out of poverty.  If those we serve are open to being educated, they become employable and tax paying citizens that become PART OF THE COMMUNITY rather than someone living in a community.

Staff & Board of Directors

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