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Welcome to the IMPACT Community Initiative!

Our Goals

Positively influence others, create a distinct identity, and develop loyalty.


Our goal is to reduce the number of individuals impacted by the juvenile and adult criminal justice systems and to develop leaders. We believe that by working together as a community, we can make a real difference.

At ICI, our mission is to empower Individuals to Make Positive Action Choices Together (IMPACT)


Our Vision

Our vision is to be an inspirational organization that nurtures agents of change who challenge the status quo and make a difference. We aim to be an organization that provides programs and services with INTEGRITY and ACCOUNTABILITY while treating those we serve with DIGNITY and RESPECT.

Support Group

How We Define Success

We believe in giving a second chance at doing the right thing.

We measure success based on the number of lives that are transformed and are diverted from having a negative outcome from their involvement with law enforcement and the criminal justice system.


Who We Serve

Through our programs, we serve individuals who are struggling with homelessness, food insecurities, mental health, substance use, behavioral challenges, or a history of criminal activity. We work with youth and adults impacted by the juvenile and criminal justice systems.

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